Before your visit, it’s not a bad idea to take a look at the Xcaret map to plan what you’re going to do in the park and familiarize yourself with its facilities.

After all, Xcaret is one of the most popular attractions in Playa del Carmen and you will want to make the most of your visit.

Routes on the Xcaret map

To help you with your planning, the park is divided into six main routes. But don’t worry, in a single day you can visit several routes or all the main attractions of each one.

They are in order of proximity and you can clearly visualize them on the map. If you are using a mobile device, try downloading the map and zooming in.

River route. (Black line)

Ruta del río.

Ruta del río. Ruta negra.

Number on the mapName
1Main plaza
2La Orquidea coffee shop
3Horse show
4La cocina Mexican restaurant
5Tropical jungle trail
6Rivers Entrance
7Xcaret Plus
8Xcaret Plus Ríos Entrance
9Ritual ceremony of Voladores de Papantla
10Archaeological zone
11Spider monkeys
14La isla restaurant
16Archaeological zone
17Archaeological zone
18Dream activities Lagoon station: Stingrays encounter. Adventure kids. Sea Trek rayas.
20La laguna restaurant
21Bat cave
22Fish therapy
23Rivers exit

Aquarium route. (Blue line)

Ruta acuario.

Ruta acuario. Ruta azul.

Number on the mapName
24Open theater
25Archaeological zone
26Coral reef Aquarium
27Sharks, a hands-on adventure.
28Delfines Riviera Maya
29Sea turtles

Beach route. (Green line)

Ruta playa

Ruta Playa. Ruta verde.

Number on the mapName
30Snorkeling inlet
31La Caleta restaurant
32Sea Trek
34Snuba family
35Snack Dos playas
36Dos playas restaurant

Dolphins route. (Red line)

Ruta delfines.

Ruta Delfines. Ruta roja.

Number on the mapName
38Dream activities station.
39Natural pools
40El Manglar restaurant
41En las rocas restaurant bar
42Delfines Xcaret
43La Península restaurant
44Adrenalina. Snorkeling tour. Snuba reef.

Mayan village route. (White line)

Ruta pueblo maya.

Ruta Pueblo Maya. Ruta blanca.

Number on the mapName
45Cave route to the Mayan village
46Mexican cemetery “Bridge to Paradise”
47St Francisco of Assisi chapel
48Xcaret’s aviary
49Stained glass plaza
50Butterfly pavilion
51Mayan village
52Jaguars and pumas
53Otic candles
54Ball game court

México espectacular route. (Brown line)

Ruta México espectacular.

Ruta México Espectacular. Ruta barro.

Number on the mapName
55Horse maternity ward
56Chapel of Guadalupe
57Hacienda Henequenera
58El Yucateco restaurant
60Grand Tlachco. México Espectacular.
61México Espectacular dinner. Xcaret Xclusivo.
62Scenic tower

Restaurants and bars inside Xcaret

Restaurantes y bares de Xcaret.

Number on the mapName
2La Orquidea coffee shop
4La Cocina restaurant
4La Cucaracha bar
14La Isla restaurant
20La Laguna restaurant
31La Caleta restaurant
35Pai-Ai bar
35Snack Dos Playas
36Dos Playas restaurant
40El Manglar restaurant
41En las Rocas bar
43La Península restaurant
58El Yucateco restaurant
60Snack Venados y Jaguares
60Kukulkán bar
61México Espectacular dinner
61Xcaret Xclusivo

Download PDF

A more practical way to read the map is printing it; especially if you visit this post from a mobile device.

Here is the map in PDF format so you can download it. It includes English and Spanish.

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A map with wheelchair friendly routes is also available:

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