What is Xcaret?

is the most famous Mexican theme park. Opened in 1990, Xcaret is definitely one of the things to do while in Playa del Carmen. It has a privileged location beside the blue turquoise Caribbean sea and offers to its visitants: Live shows, water activities y direct interaction with nature.

Xcaret park has 80 hectares (200 acres) full of activities and attractions, so one day may not be enough to visit it all.

To get the most out of your time we show what to do in Xcaret and tips to save money during your visit.

Top 10 things to do in Xcaret.

Mexico espectacular.

Folkloric show with representation from all the states of Mexico.

Folkloric show. Photo by grupo Xcaret.

Mexico espectacular (Spectacular Mexico night show) is without a doubt, one of the best shows about Mexican culture. Mexico espectacular is a journey through the history of Mexico.

300 actors, awesome scenarios, and impeccable costumes will transport you to a Mayan ball game, the painful conquest by the Spaniards, the independence period and the Mexican civil war, ending with a sample of the music and dance of different part of the country.

México Espectacular show. Jaguar warrior.

México Espectacular show.

The show is presented every day at 7: oo pm. At the time, maybe you are going to be a bit tired, maybe you already are going to be thinking about the next day, but do not miss the show.

This show alone worth your ticket price. Believe me, you are going to enjoy it.


Xcaret Aviary. A waterfall in the background with different species of birds.

Xcaret aviary.

Opened to the public in 2015, the Aviary is one nice surprise of Xcaret. The habitats are majestically created and the 1500 birds will make you feel like inside an Eden.

Hummingbird. Photo by

Hummingbird. Photo by

Hummingbirds, royal eagles, macaws, jungle, forest, wetlands y mangles are just one part of the experience. Even if you aren’t really into aviaries, you really are going to enjoy this one.

Underground rivers.

Subterranean river. People floating with vests.

Xcaret Underground Rivers.

Floating on one of the three rivers is an excellent way to tour the park, in your way you are pass by underground rivers, avoid one or two bats, cross by mangle canals, to finally arrive at a beautiful beach.

Secret river.

Subterranean river.

Can’t swim? Don’t worry, the rivers have a very light current and your life vest will keep you safe and feel confident in the water.

Reef aquarium.

Coral reef aquarium.

Coral reef aquarium.

The Mexican Caribbean is the world second largest coral reef. In Xcaret coral reef aquarium you will find a little piece of this extraordinary underwater world.

In the aquarium live more than 5000 marine organisms in 500 semi-natural coral structures with a constant flow of seawater.

The color and architecture of these beautiful creatures will remain in your memory for a long time.

Mexican cemetery and Guadalupe chapel.

Chapel of Xcaret with a religious image in the background.

Xcaret Guadalapu chapel. Photo by

The relationship between Mexicans and the death and Mexican’s religious devotion are well represented in Xcaret with the Mexican cemetery and Guadalupe chapel.

Xcaret Cemetery.

Xcaret Cemetery. Life and death festival.

The Mexican cemetery is located in a small hill with circular walking trails that are home of 365 tombs (yes, one per every day of the year) and a staircase with 52 steps (exactly, one for every week of the year).

Each tomb has a unique design and decorations, representing the believes and values of the Mexican people.

Mayan town.

Mayan Village. Courtesy of Xcaret.

Mayan Village. Courtesy of Xcaret.

Xcaret and Mayan culture can’t be separated. In Xcaret’s Mayan town you will find a representation of the Mayans way of life.

You can learn how to prepare some traditional food, make some handicrafts or witness a representation of a Mayan dance.

Butterfly pavillion.

Xcaret's Butterfly pavillion. A butterfly eating watermelon.

Xcaret’s Butterfly pavillion. Photo by

Xcaret’s Butterfly pavillion is maybe one of the most underrated sights in the park. With 20 different species of multi-color butterflies and 3500 m2 in extension, this is a very enjoyable space to walk around.

In your way, you will find some feeding points where you can see the butterflies within a very short distance.

Jaguar’s island and tropical fauna.

Jaguars Island.

Jaguars Island.

The fauna and flora in Xcaret are abundant and while walking in its labyrinthine trails put attention, you could bump into macaws, primates, deer, giant turtles, dolphins, flamencos and even the jaguar’s island. It is mandatory a selfie with a macaw, the park’s emblem.

Mayan ruins.

Xcaret Archaeological Zone.

Xcaret Archaeological Zone.

2000 years ago Xcaret was a trading center and port. Pyramids and low buildings are distributed all around the park. While passing by one of these, take your time to read the description, take a picture and remember the important nature-human relationship.

Scenic tower.

Xcaret scenic tower.

Xcaret scenic tower.

With 80 meters high and 360° rotation, the Scenic tower is an excellent spot to contemplate the Riviera Maya and Caribbean sea.

Tips to get the most out of your ticket

The Xcaret tickets aren’t really cheap, but it is totally worth it and you can get a great value out of your ticket.