Ok, you’ve made the right decision and on your next trip to the Riviera Maya you will visit Xcaret, but where will you buy your tickets? What kind of tickets are the most convenient?

To solve all your questions we have created this mini guide to buy your tickets to Xcaret.

Types of Xcaret tickets

There are 4 main types of tickets that vary according to what is included and the schedule.

Brazaletes de ingreso para Xcaret.

Entrance bracelets for Xcaret. Photo by Jotajota0202.

Xcaret Basic

This is the most economical ticket but with all the essentials.

All the attractions described in our guide on what to do in Xcaret are included.

Ticket office price $109 USD

Online price $98 USD
  • México Espectacular show
  • .

  • Aviary.
  • Underground rivers.
  • Reef aquarium.
  • Mexican cemetery and Guadalupe Chapel.
  • Mayan village.
  • Butterfly pavillion.
  • Island of the Jaguars and tropical fauna.
  • Mayan ruins.
  • Scenic tower.
  • Natural pools, coves and beaches.
  • Bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms.
  • Lifeguards and floating rims.
  • Rest areas with hammocks and lounge chairs.
  • Parking and free WIFI.
  • Transportation from the highway to the park entrance.
  • Access to the park since its opening.

Optionally, transportation can be added from almost any hotel in the Riviera Maya and Cancun.

Xcaret Plus

This type of ticket is similar to the basic ticket, Xcaret Plus includes everything that is in the basic ticket plus:

Ticket office price $140 USD
Online price $126 USD
  • Food: One buffet meal.
  • Use of the facilities of the Plus area.

Transportation option from the Riviera Maya and Cancun is also available.

Xcaret Total

This ticket includes everything of the Plus ticket and additionally includes:

Ticket office price $165 USD
Online price $156 USD
  • One extra activity. To choose between: Adrenaline Ride, Sea Trek and Snuba.

Transportation option from Riviera Maya and Cancun is also available.

Xcaret at Night

This ticket limits your entrance time to the park. Basically what is included is:

Ticket office price $90 USD
Online price $81 USD
  • Entrance to the park from 4:00 pm.
  • Access to the show México Espectacular.

Where to buy tickets for Xcaret

Official website

The best place to buy your tickets for Xcaret is its official website. The advantages of buying them here are:

No surcharge, you will get the best price at the time of purchase. You can apply discount coupons. You get special prices for early purchase.

Ticket office

If for some reason you did not buy your tickets online, you can always buy them at the box office. However, there is no possibility to add discounts.

How to buy discount tickets for Xcaret

There are several conditions where Xcaret offers discounts (children, seniors, locals, etc) and there are also several coupons or discount codes that you can apply.

You can review all of them in our Xcaret coupons section.

Xcaret basic or Xcaret plus?

One of the most common questions when buying tickets is: Xcaret basic or Xcaret plus?

My quick answer would be: For economy: Xcaret basic. For convenience: Xcaret plus.

The big difference between the two is that Xcaret includes a buffet lunch and when you intend to spend the whole day at the facilities this is very important.

For a couple or group of young friends who wish to save a little when visiting the park, Xcaret basic may be the best option.

It is possible to have a good breakfast before entering the park and inside have some snacks at lunch. Bringing food into the park is not allowed, but depending on the season this rule is more or less strict.

On the other hand, if your budget is less tight, Xcaret plus is a better option, especially if you are traveling with your family. Having at least one buffet meal allows you to have one less worry and the food is tasty.