From Cancun to Playa del Carmen there are basically two ways to get there. Since Cancun is often the access point to the Riviera Maya, here’s how to get between these two destinations without a problem.


Taking the colectivo (minivans) is a fast and inexpensive way to travel between Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

Unlike the bus, the colectivo makes stops all along the route, which is useful if your final destination is somewhere in between.

The colectivos Playa Express are located right in front of the entrance of the ADO Cancun bus station and another colectivo company is located next to the same terminal (across Tulum Avenue).

The price is approximately $2 USD ($40 MXN) and they leave once they are full (usually takes 10 to 30 minutes).

Ubicación de colectivos en Cancún hacía Playa del Carmen

Location of colectivos from Cancun to Playa del Carmen

They can stop at any point in between, for example:

  • Puerto Morelos.
  • Xoximilco Cancun.
  • Punta Maroma.

The arrival point in Playa del Carmen is Calle 2 with Av 20 and Calle 2 with Av 25 respectively.

Both points are very close to downtown Playa del Carmen and 3 and 4 four blocks from the fifth avenue.

Ubicación de colectivos a Cancún en Playa del Carmen.

Location of colectivos from Playa del Carmen to Cancun.

By Bus

Bus is a comfortable and fast option to get from Cancun city to Playa del Carmen.

The ADO terminal in Cancun is located at the following address:

ADO Cancún.

ADO Cancun.

Address: Calle Pino, Super manzana 23, MZ56, Lote t 1 y 2, Colonia Centro.
Phone number: 01 998 887 1149

From ADO Cancun you can buy tickets to ADO Playa del Carmen located on 5th avenue (5th avenue with Juarez avenue) or to ADO Terminal Alterna, near downtown Playa del Carmen (20th avenue with 12th street).

Buses to ADO on 5th avenue are much more frequent than to ADO Terminal Alterna. The ticket price is around $3 USD ($60 MXN) at the counter.

Terminales ADO en Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen’s ADO terminal

Before traveling it is a good idea to check the official ADO website for schedules, fares and promotions.

The distance between Cancun and Playa is 68 kilometers (42 miles), takes about 1 hour 15 minutes and stops at Puerto Morelos.

From Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen

If you arrive at Cancun airport and your destination is Playa del Carmen, it is not necessary to go to Cancun downtown, from the airport you can take an ADO bus to Playa del Carmen.

The bus service does not operate during the night, however, at that time it is common to find buses to both Playa del Carmen and Cancun downtown.

The bus terminal is located inside the airport, just after the baggage claim area. The price is around $8 USD ($160 MXN).

From Playa del Carmen to Cancun

To return from Playa del Carmen to Cancun you can use exactly the same route. Take a bus at ADO Quinta Avenida or ADO Alterna or take a colectivo at Calle 2 with Avenida 20 or at Calle 2 between Avenida 20 and 25.